Selling Firearms, Why Us?

Advantages of Selling Firearms with us.

Licensed Firearms Dealer & Licensed Auctioneer
Selling guns the right way.
  Why should we use you to sell off our families gun collection?

There are several things to consider when selecting a professional auction company to sell firearms.  This can be better illustrated by the questions below which will help identify why and what some of the differences are.

  First are you licensed to sell firearms, do you have a Federal Firearms License that requires your staff to ensure that buyers are legally entitled to own or possess them? 
  • Yes, we have been Federally licensed for many years.  We are also knowledgeable in the use and safety of firearms including handling and proper storage.  This also includes the safe management of firearms during an auction and any previews prior to their sale. 

  • The last thing a family wants to see is an incident where their dads or grand dads guns get used in a crime because it was sold to some criminal especially one where a preventable tragedy occurs.  In most instances it could very easily make the papers drawing unwanted attention to the family.  Licensed dealers like us will help ensure that all local, state and federal laws are followed for the transfer of the firearms.  We provide the necessary record keeping documenting the transfer from you and your family to the new buyer should you ever need it. 

  • Our license can be verified online or through any local ATF office.  Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives located at 600 Dr Martin Luther King Jr Pl #322, Louisville, KY 40202. Phone: (502)753-3400


  How do you help ensure that a criminal doesn't get one of our guns?

  • Before we give any buyer a gun, the gun must first be transferred to a buyer, a NICS check or (FBI) background check will have to be done helping ensure that the buyer is not a felon or other person not eligible to own a gun.  Some auctioneers have not made any effort to become licensed and will merely pass out guns to the highest bidder regardless of the persons criminal history(whether known or unknown to the auctioneer).  They site what some consider a loop hole arguing they don't need a license.  We find this highly unprofessional and unacceptable.

  • As dealers we also know not to sell firearms to buyers that act suspicious or act in such a way that causes us to believe they might intentionally harm themselves or others.  This doesn't happen if you're just passing them out to the highest bidder. 

  • Some auctioneers have avoided being licensed by working with a licensed dealer when it suits them.  The main issue impacting the seller with this is that the dealer their working with charges a fairly substantial fee to transfer each firearm.  The fee usually is in the $35 to $45 range and even higher in some cases.  This has to be disclosed to the buyer and once the buyer finds this out, he or she will bid far lower as a result.  Lets say you have a lower value gun that would normally sell for $150 at auction but ends up bringing $110 because of this transfer fee imposed.  This is a $40 loss to the seller and that's only one gun, imagine this for every gun you have to sell.   The company doing the transfers is making a killing off this not to mention any kickback paid back to the referring auctioneer/company. We here at Auctions ASAP don't charge any additional transfer fees for local buyers thus helping the seller maximize their return.     

  We need to get the most we can out of them and just give them away.  Can you help?

  • Having the knowledge of what you're selling is half the battle.  We have a passion for selling firearms and it shows, its not just another asset like others might see it as.

  • We have conducted numerous highly successful firearms auctions.  To have a successful firearm auction we always recommend at least an online auction to start.  Contact us for a better explanation on this process.

  • Rest assured, we have never sold anything to the low bidder.  The more money we make for you the more money we make for ourselves while doing it in a responsible way.....