Estate Services
We are a Full Service Provider for those in need of help handling an estate.​
  • Auctions (Online,Live or Both)

  • Real Estate Auctions

  • Real Estate Traditional Listings

  • Estate Sales & Buyouts

  • Tag Sales

  • Broom Clean Services

    • Junk Removal

    • Donating Low Value Items (ie Clothes)

    • Minor Repair & Sub Management

  • Treasure Hunting Service

    • Search for Hidden Valuables

    • Search for Lost or Hidden Cash

    • Determine Collectibles from Trash

  • Appraisals

    • IRS Compliant

    • Insurance & Estate

When the time comes, it’s nice to have a professional certified estate specialist helping you through it.  Auctions ASAP has helped many families through this tough and emotionally draining process.  We help with auctions, real estate auctions including traditional real estate listings, tag sales and estate buyouts.


We work with families, executors, administrators, estate attorneys, bankers and accountants as is necessary to help settle an estate.  The services we offer allow us to handle as much of the process our client needs us to handle.  This is especially helpful for our clients that reside out of state and we understand that they may only have a short time away from their families and work to handle the settlement of a loved one's estate.

If a family business is caught up in the estate settlement its best to have someone that has the business experience to handle it through the process.  Our founder has owned and operated several businesses and bought out or sold many more.  He has had the first hand experience and it will show during the first walk through identifying the assets some of which others wont even notice.


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