You Need to Register
Buyers need to register to bid!


Whether attending a live auction or participating in one online, the first thing you’ll need to do is register.  It’s easy to do by either providing your driver’s license to the check-in clerk at the live auction or entering your information including a credit card via the internet for the online auction.  The reason we require both your information and your credit card info for online auctions is to help determine if you’re a real bidder.  Also using your credit card for online purchases can be one of the easiest ways to pay for those items you won.


We recommend that you register first and do any walkthroughs or inspections that you haven’t completed immediately there after.  You don’t want to get in line at the last minute after doing your inspections as the lines could be long and you might possibly miss out on your item.  Auctions are extremely fun and exciting and for some beginners that have a long list of things they would like to buy, auctions can be a little stressful too.  Register as soon as you can so that it’s out of the way and you’ll be ready to bid when the auctioneer starts.

In many cases very helpful informational packets along with the all-important Terms and Conditions will be near the check-in station when you register.  Sometimes while registering our clerks might relay special announcements or make you aware of important payment terms.  If you have any questions relating to the auction they can direct you to one of us. Once you've been given a bid card make sure you don't lose it and try and make it very visible to the auctioneer while bidding.