Moore Jewelry Owners Retiring Auction - Auctions ASAP

Moore Jewelry Owners Retiring Auction

Moore Jewelry Owners Retiring Auction

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A message from the owners:


Dear Friends,

The time has come for us to retire. We will close our store at the close of business on October 29.

We have become close to many of you over our 35 years and have enjoyed all our opportunities to work with each of you in whatever ways we could we are truly grateful for the past years.

We are thankful we are able to come to this decision by choice and not because we are being forced to retire. It is the right time for us to retire.

We will miss each of you but we look forward to the next chapters of our lives.

Beginning October 30th auctions ASAP will conduct an online auction. If you are interested you can visit and register at

Thank you and we wish you well.


We will be selling all the inventory along with the specialty tools and equipment used in the industry.  There will be fabulous pieces of Jewelry, Jewelers tools and equipment along with high-end store fixtures.  Plenty of Gold Silver and Precious Stones up for bid.  

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