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We are taking firearm consignors for our upcoming firearms auction. If you have any or if you have other hunting and fishing or military items give us a call. We have over 100 firearms now and thousands and thousands of rounds of ammunition to sell.

Also a note on one of the services we provide, Quick Buyouts. In some cases there may be a need to quickly liquidate a business, estate, real estate, inventory or just about anything of value very quickly. In cases where there isn't the time or the resources to conduct an auction we can help. Depending upon the value of the assets and their location it's possible to finish a Quick Buyout in as little as a day.

Call us and we'll explain your options and help you get started. Whether its an Auction, Liquidation or Quick Buyout we can help.

Also bare with us as we get our website redesigned. We are looking forward to the many changes and increased functionallity our customers are demanding. If you can recommend a web designer be sure to tell us.

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