Which is better between an absolute or reserve auction, which one should I have?

Generally speaking the difference between the two types can be the difference between night and day.  An absolute auction marketed professionally will no doubt bring the highest results and greater participation among buyers.  The simple fact is that buyers know that should they be the high bidder at an absolute sale they will be the new owner, this creates a greater incentive to attend.  Sales that are with reserve normally require increased marketing efforts and expenditures that will not necessarily provide a similar result.  The question that we pose to sellers that helps identify the difference is - If you were a buyer and there were multiple auctions going on at the same time, for items you’re interested in, with the only difference between them being reserve or absolute, where would you go?  Now this doesn’t mean a reserve sale can’t be successful because it can.  After this brief explanation, it would be best to contact us.


Usually the decision on which type of auction to have for the seller depends on several factors that only the seller can answer.  During our consultation and discovery process we will be able to answer that based upon all the relevant facts and identified constraints.  We should be able to provide solutions to your unique situation once we understand the situation and your goals.