When should I arrive at the auction, and is it necessary to bring anything?

It is recommended that you show up to the auction 30 minutes before that sale starts if not earlier.  To avoid any lines in the registration process and to continue your inspection of those items you’re interested in get there with time to spare.  Be sure to bring your valid state issued ID as it will be required to obtain a bidder number.  Make sure to bring one of the approved payment methods, cash, check or another approved method.  Bring a copy of your valid resale certificate if you have one.  Should you intend to remove anything that requires powered equipment or that the process of removing your item has the potential to damage the facility be sure to provide us a copy of your business liability insurance in the minimum amount of $1,000,000.  In some cases, we may require your provider to acknowledge that you are indeed insured for this specific event and location.