What about bad weather, competing auctions and risk of other events and will it interfere with our auction?

Weather can play a part in the auction depending on the type of auction you select but sometimes in ways you might not expect.  For a live onsite auction, bad weather will likely increase the number of serious buyers because they mistakenly think other buyers will not show up because of the weather, its counter intuitive.  This is not to say that extreme weather like snow storms wouldn’t have a greater impact and cause a live onsite sale to be postponed.  The risk here would include the cost to advertise the sale twice, lease/rent, staffing and the other postponement costs.  Rarely would an auction need to be canceled and almost never if an online method is used.


Competing auctions can influence the sale and that’s why its critical to have the effect marketing campaigns & marketing professionals we use.  Other events such as sporting events can also have an impact on the sale and too it depends on the type of sale used.  Some live onsite sales could be influenced greater than some on-line auctions.   There are normally some type of competing events or even other family functions that can distract some buyers.   The easier it can be made for the buyer to participate the better and we address this in several ways.