What happens at an auction?

On auction day, buyers will arrive and begin registering at the check-in/cashier station.  They will receive a bidder number after registering which requires them to provide the clerk with a state issued ID.  At that time, they may be given a copy of both the terms and conditions along with a lot catalog.  Normally about ten minutes prior to the start of the sale some announcements will be given including a reminder for the buyer to register.  At the start of the sale, announcements will be made, the terms and conditions will be read over the PA and an opportunity for the bidders to ask questions will take place.  Next the auctioneer, ringmen and staff will start selling and the fun and excitement begins.

Because we use a computerized & wireless clerking system the buyer can check on their balance and pay at any time or multiple times during the sale.  The system keeps track of all their information along with their bids in real time without any lag as seen in the primitive paper clerking methods used elsewhere.  As part of the process we record the audio and video of the check in process so that we will have a valid record of the buyers registering and settling their balances.  During the sale, we also record the audio to help ensure accuracy which gives us an opportunity to address any problems with bidders not remembering what they bid.   

As the last lot is auctioned off, the auctioneer will briefly remind buyers to pay and remind them of the removal periods.  This will begin the removal process which is usually fairly quick and efficient.  Usually the staff will remain a couple of hours after the sale to allow the removal of any smalls buyers wish to remove.