Not every auction or liquidation should be approached the same way if you intend to maximize your return.  In our industry there are many ways to approach a sale with some being more successful than others.  There are Live, Online, Simultaneous Live and Online auctions not to mention options like sealed bid auctions among others.  There are numerous auction platforms for conducting auctions that impact sales differently and those platforms have to be carefully considered.  


It would seem some of our competitors only have one approach and they cant or wont discuss with their clients the options available.  Don't be forced to use the square peg in a round hole approach which will surely lead to disappointment.  Today there are numerous auction platforms and many methods to choose from which tend to give different results depending on the asset types, time-frame and several other factors.  Talk with one of our professionals and get a true understanding of the process for choosing the method and platform.  You can trust in the process.   


Do you have a Business Liquidation that needs professional attention ASAP?  Call Scott and allow him to walk through your business and watch as he points out assets others fail to identify.  If you need to get started soon go ahead and call today.   


If you have Real Estate (residential or commercial) but don't know which approach is best for your situation, auction or traditional (residential or commercial) listing, call us.  We know the advantages and disadvantages and limitations of both and we can make sure your real estate is sold using the better method.  We are able to sell your real estate at auction or traditional listing method and you decide which option is best.  Call us to discuss your options.

Auctions, Appraisals & Liquidations of a single item or piece of equipment to a full estate or complete factory.