Auctions ASAP

Louisville Metro Fleet Services Auction


Time & Location:  September 3, 2020 at 10:00 am, Metro Fleet Services Lot, 3515 Newburg Road Louisville, KY 40218.



  1. In order to bid, you must have a bid number.Online bidders must register online via, Live Bidders -to get a bid number you must present a valid photo ID between 9:00am day of sale and its start.You must re-register and use a new bid number every sale.

  2. All vehicles/equipment are sold “as is, where is” without any written, expressed, or implied guarantee.

  3. Preview/Inspection period:Bidders may view the auction vehicles starting at 9:00 am the day of the auction only. There will be no viewing of the vehicles/equipment prior to the auction.If you fail to preview vehicles/equipment during this time you are waiving your rights to preview.

  4. Because of the condition, age or other factors, expect that most of the vehicles and equipment will need to be towed from this facility.

  5. All known major issues with vehicles that are not obvious are marked on the windshield, but there may be other problems not listed or unknown to Metro Government at time of sale, condition is not guaranteed.Because of their age many vehicles may not have any information whatsoever.Some parts/equipment may be missing from vehicles. It is the Bidders responsibility to check for any missing equipment/parts that may impact its value prior to bidding.Bidders are responsible for making their own value determination through inspections prior to bidding.No missing parts or equipment will be added to any lot after the sale for any reason.

  6. Payment must be made by 1:00pm day of sale.Acceptable forms of payment include: Wire Transfer,

  7. Successful Bidders that do not pay for vehicles/equipment will be barred from all future Louisville Metro Surplus Auctions going forward.

  8. All titles will be signed & notarized by Metro Government and the successful buyer – No exceptions.

  9. The buyer must show proof of a dealer’s license (if applicable), operator’s license and at the time of payment. An expired insurance certificate will not be accepted.

  10. For Live Bidders, a ten percent (10%) buyer’s premium will be added to your winning bid price to determine the final bid price. (Example- If you bid ten dollars, one dollar will be added to your bid to determine the final bid price.)For internet bidders, a fifteen percent (15%) buyer’s premium will be added to your winning bid price to determine the final bid price.  (Example- If you bid ten dollars, one dollar & fifty cents will be added to your bid to determine the final bid price.) 

  11. The Kentucky Revenue Cabinet requires the collection of KY Sales Tax at the rate of 6% on all vehicles and equipment sold at this auction.  during the Bidder Registration Process in order to be exempt from paying KY Sales Tax.  If you are a dealer, parts wholesaler, or an individual buying to resale, you must present and leave with us a copy of your Tax Exempt/Resale Certificate along with filling out the state exemption form for our files.  All persons buying for personal use will pay KY sales tax along with any persons or companies that have failed to provide valid Tax Exempt/Resale certificates during the Bidder Registration Process.  Also, out of state buyers must present their out-of-state Tax Exempt/Resale Certificate during the Bidder Registration Process to be exempt from paying KY Sales Tax.  We must collect KY Sales Tax at all auctions.

  12. Sales tax at the rate of 6% will be charged to residents in Arizona, California, Florida, Indiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, South Carolina and Washington.  

  13. For In-State Kentucky Residents, vehicles must be transferred prior to removing them from the facility, no exceptions.You must show proof of transfer to Metro staff when picking them up.For those vehicles you deem not worth titling, Metro Fleet Services will junk the title for you.

  14. Vehicle purchases will be released only upon proof of title transfer and a paid in full receipt.

  15. All vehicles and equipment be removed by 3:00 p.m. on the day of the auction or between the hours of 8:00 am & 2:00 p.m. on the three work days following the auction, unless alternative arrangements are made with Metro Fleet Services.Please advise someone in the Administrative office when you arrive to pick up vehicles on any day other than the day of the auction.

  16. Any vehicles or equipment not removed within two weeks following the auction will be considered abandoned and disposed of by the auction company or Metro Government as they see fit.By not complying with the terms of the sale you forfeit any claims to any property abandoned at the facility.

  17. Successful bidders are responsible for loading and removal of any and all property awarded to them from the place where the property is located. The Buyer will make all arrangements and perform all loading and transportation of their property completely off Metro facilities. Under no circumstances will Louisville/Jefferson County Metro Government assume responsibility for loading, shipping or transporting.

  18. No mechanical repairs of any kind can be performed on Metro Property.

  19. Any Police Equipment (decals, emergency lights, communication equipment, etc.) will be removed prior to any vehicle being removed from the lot.This equipment is not being sold and remains the property of Metro Government.

  20. It is the Bidder’s responsibility to check on the Auction Inventory List for vehicles that have Salvage Titles or that do not have keys.

  21. At the close of bidding, winning bidders are responsible for protecting their merchandise from damage or theft.Neither Metro Government nor Auctions ASAP assume any responsibility for loss or damage.

  22. There will be no parking of personal vehicles on the lot prior to or during the auction.

  23. No alcohol, illegal drugs, pets or weapons of any kind are allowed on the lot.No one under 18 is allowed on this Metro facility.

  24. No dumping of trash, tires, car parts and anyone caught dumping will be barred from the facility.

  25. Neither Metro Louisville Government nor Auctions ASAP will be responsible for any and all accidents or injuries.All parties entering this Metro facility does so of their own free will and they assume all personal risk and liability.

  26. Auctions ASAP reserves the right to accept bids in any increment that is in the best interest of the seller.Auctions ASAP reserves the right to reject the bidding of any person or persons whose conduct, actions, or adverse comments are not in the best interest of the seller.If Auctions ASAP deems there to be collusion among bidders, the auction may be canceled, or the parties may be directed to leave or be escorted off the premises.

  27. REQUIREMENTS TO COMPLY WITH APPLICABLE LAWS AND REGULATIONS: It is the Bidder's responsibility to ascertain and comply with all applicable Federal, State, local, multi-jurisdictional laws, ordinances, and regulations pertaining to the registration, licensing, handling, possession, transportation, transfer, export, processing, manufacture, sale, use or disposal of the property listed in the invitation. Purchasers or users of this property are not excused from any of such laws or regulations.

  28. Metro employees and auction staff reserve the right to bid at todays sale.They will be held to the same terms including paying all the fees and buyers’ premium that everyone else pays.

  29. All announcements made on the day of the auction supersede all other announcements including any printed materials or publications.Be sure to listen to the opening announcements as terms of the sale may change depending on the needs of Metro Government.