2011 Hyundai Sonata Tow# 15002 - Auctions ASAP
2011 Hyundai Sonata Tow# 15002
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2011 Hyundai Sonata, Vin# 5NPEB4AC0BH301566, Color Black, Tow# 15002. Condition is TRULY unknown and untested, may or may not have keys, carefully review the pictures and make your own value determination given any and all auction constraints. Payment Due in Full within 24 hours of the auction ending. Check your email for the invoice should you win. Be sure to check your spam folder if you dont see it in a couple hours after the auction has ended.

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Click the Blue Bar Above to Start Bidding Now!  Selling 140 impounded cars, trucks, SUVs, and more for the Metro Louisville LMPD Impound Lot.  The inventory is always changing every sale so be sure to check back next auction if you don't find what your looking for this sale.  Please carefully read the terms and conditions along with any descriptions of the vehicles you find.  Also in the Document tab you will find the State of Kentucky Impounded Vehicle Transfer process.  Should you have any questions after reviewing these documents contact the auctioneer.  

1. Please review the KY Title Process Document on our website or visit the Kentucky Transportation Cabinets website for more information on obtaining a title. Neither Metro Louisville Government nor Auctions ASAP will assist in obtaining any title or license for vehicles sold at this auction other than by providing paperwork. For those buyers wishing to obtain a title, You MUST request from the auction company when making payment that you need the paperwork from the Impound Lot. The Impound Lot and Not the auction company will supply only you with a copy of any certified letter receipts sent to the owner(s) or lien holders if that request is made from the auctioneer. The Louisville Metro Police Impound Lot will also provide a letter stating that it was purchased lawfully along with a signed VTR for residents of Kentucky.  Failure to request this paperwork at time of payment will result in your requests for paperwork being denied. Once we receive your payment, you will be provided a paid in full invoice. Present these documents to the county clerk when obtaining a title. It normally takes 10 to 14 business days to obtain the copies/paperwork from the Impound Lot so please be patient. The buyer is responsible for picking up this paperwork at the Metro Impound Lot and not the auction company. The Impound Lot will only provide the documents required to obtain a Kentucky Title as mentioned above and its up to the local county clerks office (DMV) to approve and complete the transfer to the buyer. Out of state buyers wishing to title your vehicles in your home state, contact your local DMV to see what the requirements are to obtain title in your state to ensure that you can transfer the vehicle with the paperwork the Impound Lot provides. According to the KRS, when these cars are sold at auction any prior lien is no longer valid if the process was followed, Metro Louisville can sell these vehicles free of prior Liens however be advised that some vehicles may have a lender's lien against them in the system and may take extra effort on your part to remove it.
2. All vehicles & items sold at auction without exception will be sold as is, where is, with all faults and defects therein, with no warranties/guarantees expressed written or implied including but not limited to the merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. There will be no refunds, exchanges, credits, tags, or titles given for any reason and the buyer assumes all risk with buying these vehicles and equipment at auction. It is solely the buyer?s responsibility to determine its value prior to bidding given all auction constraints. This sale is subject to the caveat emptor principle (buyer beware). Because these are Impounded Vehicles, only the previous owner, their mechanic and possibly their insurance company will know their true condition and as such this will be the items description: Condition is TRULY unknown and untested, may or may not have keys, carefully review the pictures and make your own value determination prior to bidding given all auction constraints.
3. Any vehicle, at the discretion of Metro Government, may be removed from the auction inventory list at any time prior to its sale. Vehicles may be pulled from the auction at any time to meet the needs of Metro Government. Metro Government & Auctions ASAP reserves the right to refuse anyone from the auction for non-payment on past auction purchases. Also, Owners have a legal right to claim impounded vehicles right up to the first bid being placed at auction if they settle with the Impound Lot. Once a bid has been placed it will require a court order to be removed from the sale. If an honest mistake has been made in the auction or impoundment process, that affected vehicle can be removed without notice to correct a mistake.
4. Neither Metro Louisville Government nor Auctions ASAP will be responsible for any accidents or injuries. All parties entering the Impound Lot facility does so of their own free will and assumes all personal risk and liability.
5. To bid, you must have a bid number. To get a bid number you must register on the bidding platform which will require a credit card along with you creating an account.  A $100 deposit will be charged on your card and will be refunded should you not win anything.  If you win a lot and don't pay your deposit will be forfeit.
6. Any bidder who does not pay for their bids will be banned/excluded from All Auctions Going Forward.  Should we determine that a bidder is working with another banned bidder to circumvent that ban, we reserve the right to block and ban that bidder also.
7. We may from time to time reach out to bidders to verify their accounts and bidding activity.  We will attempt to contact you via email, phone call or have Proxibid staff reach out to you directly.  In the event you are unavailable for this security check we reserve the right to freeze your bids or remove them entirely.  Please make sure your account information is correct and that your phone number is one that you will answer should we need to speak with you.
8. The Kentucky Revenue Cabinet requires the collection of KY Sales Tax on all impounded vehicles that will not be titled, sold during this auction. A valid Resale Certificate/Tax Exempt form MUST be presented during the Bidder Registration Process to be exempt from paying KY Sales Tax. If you are a dealer, parts wholesaler, or an individual buying to resale, you must present and leave with us a copy of your Tax Exempt/Resale Certificate along with filling out the state exemption form for our files. All persons buying for personal use will pay KY sales tax along with any persons or companies that have failed to provide valid Tax Exempt/Resale certificates during the Bidder Registration Process. Also, out of state buyers must present their out-of-state Tax Exempt/Resale Certificate during the Bidder Registration Process to be exempt from paying KY Sales Tax. We must collect KY Sales Tax at all auctions.
9. There will be an additional $20 surcharge per vehicle or item purchased that is paid to and required by Metro Government for administrative fees.
10. A fifteen percent (15%) buyer's premium will be added to your winning bid price to determine the final bid price. (Example- If you bid ten dollars, one dollar and fifty cents will be added to your bid to determine the final bid price.)
11. Nothing can be removed from the Impound Lot before payment is made in full. When removing items or vehicles, you must present a paper copy of the paid in full invoice to the Impound Lot Personnel for inspection.
12. Without exception, all purchases must be paid in full by the following day after the auction ends. We will send an invoice with further payment instructions along with the location to make payments within hours of the auction ending. Should you not see an invoice in your email at that time check your spam folder. For those buyers wishing to pay with a credit card, you must contact us right after the auction has completed. Out of state/Non-Local buyers also have the option of paying with a bank-to-bank wire transfer to ensure payment is made within the deadline. 
13. Full payment, including any required taxes, administrative fees, credit card fees if using a credit card and buyer's premium, are required the following day after the sale, no exceptions. Accepted payment methods include CASH, Credit Cards, bank to bank wire transfers, ACH or Certified Checks, and Zelle (@ 1% Fee).
14. If using a credit card, it must be in your name, and you must be authorized to use it. A 3% credit card processing fee applies. To avoid this fee, we accept Cash, bank to bank wire transfer and Certified Check. For purchases over $2500, credit cards will NOT be accepted, and another form of payment must be used.
15. All vehicles sold must be removed within 5 business days following the close of the auction. Any vehicle not picked up in the specified pickup window will be re-impounded and accessed a $123 Impound fee and will accrue $14 per day storage fees. Failure to pay these fees will result in your vehicle being sold at a future auction and you will be barred from participating in any future auctions. The quicker you remove your vehicles the quicker we can get another auction together.  
16. All auction vehicles and other items must be removed from the Impound Lot facility between 8:00am to 7:00pm Monday through Thursday and 8:00am to 4:30pm Friday the week immediately following the auction. 

17. At the close of bidding, winning bidders are responsible for protecting their merchandise from damage or theft. Neither Metro Government nor Auctions ASAP assume any responsibility for loss or damage. Please be advised, it is strongly recommended that you remove your vehicle as soon as possible because you assume all risk and liability once you?re declared the winning bidder. It?s recommended that you insure those vehicles worth insuring at the conclusion of the auction.
18. No work is to be done on any vehicle or item while on the Impound Lot or any of its facilities. No keys can be made on the property. Vehicles cannot be driven off the property and they MUST BE TOWED with a tow truck or wrecker. Vehicles cannot be parked on the outside of the fenced area. Any violations of this rule will result in permanent barring from all future auctions and the vehicle or item will be re-impounded.
19. No alcohol, illegal drugs, pets or weapons of any kind are allowed on the lot.
20. No dumping of trash, tires, car parts and anyone caught dumping will be barred from the lot.
21. No one under 18 is allowed on the Impound Lot. No one is allowed on the lot after dark.
22. Only persons that have won a lot in the auction will be allowed on the lot. 

23. The Auctioneer reserves the right to accept bids in any increment they feel is in the best interest of the seller. The Auctioneer reserves the right to reject the bidding of any person or persons whose conduct, actions, or adverse comments are not in the best interest of the seller or other bidders present. If the auctioneer deems there to be collusion among bidders, the auctioneer may cancel the auction or may direct those parties to leave or have them escorted off the Impound Lot facility.
24. Any questions pertaining to the auction or pickup process should be directed to the auction company. You can call us directly at 502-451-2010.
25. The Auction Company nor Metro Louisville is responsible for any issues involving the auction platform, third party software or internet connectivity or stability. Do not wait until the last minute to place your maximum bid as it will be too late to assist you. It is recommended that you bid from a desktop or laptop computer with stable internet connectivity. Cell phones can be used to bid however they are less reliable. Should you be bidding on multiple items at once, a cell phones screen size will hinder your ability to do so.  From a desktop computer with a decent size monitor, its much easier to view the pictures. 

26. Please be advised that a wrecker must be used to remove the vehicles from the Impound Lot. No trailers or tow dollies because of liability. Also, the facility is not setup for transporters. This does not mean that you are required to have it towed all the way to your location with a wrecker, or that a transporter can't be used, you can have the vehicle relocated outside the Impound Facility using a wrecker and drop it so you can load it on your own trailer. Call us and we will supply you with phone numbers for local tow companies that will assist you. Remember that the tow fee charged is between you and them and your sole responsibility.
27. The auctioneer will not be bidding on any vehicle or item at this auction.
28.  By signing up for this auction you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions.  Further you agree to allow us to contact you for useful auction notices in the future.


United States

Buyers must remove all vehicles by 4:00pm the first Friday immediately following the auction unless given other notifications from the auction company in writing.  Removal is generally from 8:00am to 4:00pm Monday through Friday.   Any vehicle not removed within that time frame will be subject to re-impoundment and charged a daily storage fee up until its sold again at auction.